Document Capture

Today more than ever, the Document Capture market has matured to provide many options for imaging documents.  Now, high speed scanning from the desktop, or over the web, or from halfway around the world, you can capture documents easily into your records system.  Coupled with advanced technology in OCR, we can extract data from scanned documents, sync databases, sign electronically and place them into workflow, all with a few clicks in many cases.  Whatever your needs, we have a solution for eliminating paper with the right capture approach:

Desktop Scanning

The latest document scanners offer many features and high speed with a very small footprint, which gives you the opportunity to scan records in the transactional process.  This eliminates work disruption by saving trips to the copier and scanning right at your workstation.  Desktop scanners are also effectively utilized in customer centric areas, patient care and many types of government agencies. 

Production Scanning

Production scanning is high volume scanning, often in a centralized area that utilizes an imaging workflow to scan, OCR, Index and store vital business records. Establishing an imaging department can be a great solution for capturing all your records into a repository.

Distributed Capture

If you have valuable information created or collected at remote locations, a distributed capture plan could provide great efficiencies by quickly scanning and sending imaged files to a central location.  Whether it is for new hirers at a remote branch, employee expenses, mortgage files for underwriting, vendor invoices or any documents that need to be processed at central location, a distributed capture plan can solve many problems for your organization. 

The document capture market has grown tremendously over the last decade with the incorporation of emerging technologies.  It is no longer simply scanner paper, but there is much to consider in regards to process, technology, data management, file format, legal compliance, and how the information will be used among other considerations.  Solutions include centralized scanning, distributed capture, web scanning, off-line scanning, mobile capture, auto-classification, and automated data extraction.  TSC has extensive experience in the Capture Market.  Allow us to walk you through the process to understand the best solution or combination of solutions to best meet the needs of your organization today and going forward.