Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search is a web-based application that provides secure, unified information access to your content across diverse systems and repositories. With faceted navigation, conversational search, natural language support and other intuitive features, users do not need to enter perfect queries to get the right results. Enterprise Search makes locating key information simple, straightforward and quick, regardless of where it exists — content repositories, databases, network shares, websites, email systems and more.


  • Delivers a single, federated search interface to find enterprise content from a variety of sources across the organization.
  • Increases search flexibility by providing full-text search of document content and metadata--including advanced search options--to meet changing business needs.
  • Reduces search time by organizing 'hits' into manageable sets, providing filters to refine results and highlighting each occurrence of search term(s).
  • Enables efficient searching of large, disparate volumes of unorganized or unstructured content.
  • Unlocks valuable insights, uncovering relationships between content in order to make informed decisions.
  • Supports compliance and legal requirements to locate the latest documents, protecting the organization against unnecessary risk.


Key Features

  • Standalone search engine that can crawl and federate content across an entire site (everything!), selected systems or a specific index.
  • Web-based application interface with a mobile-ready and responsive design allowing users to connect from any location: desktops, browsers, phones and tablets.
  • Search a variety of sources, such as: OnBase 18+, Perceptive Content 7+, Exchange servers, SharePoint sites, Google drive, network shares, intranets, extranets, websites, databases and more.
  • Supports 500+ file formats, including: Microsoft Office documents, images, PDFs, email (including EML & MSG) and electronic forms / content.
  • High-definition document rendering (HTML5 based viewer) with near pixel-perfect pagination, eliminating need for native viewing application.
  • Customize-able search result display includes number of hits, date, author, thumbnails and more.
  • Further refine results with filters by content size, file type, language and entity (people, organizations, locations, websites and email addresses) with automatic classification.
  • Advanced search functions using stem, exact (“”) phrase, positional / proximity (within same paragraph, within so many words), Boolean (and, or, not), ranged, date and thesaurus to quickly and accurately locate specific documents.
  • View relevant, highlighted content with page navigation of search criteria within the document.
  • Save searches and flag specific results for self or another user with colorful, visual indicators.
  • Actionable and exportable results allow users to create reports of results, export all or selected documents in their native format, or dynamically convert to another format (HTML5, PDF, TIFF, Text).
  • Information map provides a visual display (web) of related entities to discover links between content.
  • Restful API for content indexing, to create a custom search experience (build your own interface!) and accommodate integration requirements.