Welcome to Technology Solutions Consultants!  TSC is solution provider and system integrator.  As a partner of Hyland Software, we provide expertise in the deployment, implementation, and support of the OnBase Enterprise Content Management system.  Hyland Software recognized Merge Clients require specialized support to meet the specific needs of Merge clients.  Since TSC has experience successfully working with and supporting Merge clients, Hyland Software engaged TSC to be the primary Support Partner for all Merge Healthcare clients.  As your OnBase Support Partner, we would like to introduce ourselves and explore how we can be of service to you so you can gain the maximum benefit from your OnBase system.

To begin our new relationship, TSC would like to offer all Merge Clients with an OnBase System, a free System Health Check!  See below to learn more and schedule an appointment! 


















What is an OnBase Health Check?

A System Health Check ensures an application is functional and working as expected at the starting of the day/week/month.  Each application is unique and that requires their own checks, however, there are certain things very common, which can be applied in any application environment. Those common things include:

  • Properly maintained databases
  • Properly maintained network infrastructure
  • Properly maintained Document Management System

If one of these is not properly maintained and a system failure happens, the other two will cease to function at the level needed for the organization to continue to use the application.

The information contained in this Health Check document will assist your organization in properly maintaining your OnBase solution and ensuring it is functioning.  Click here to request a TSC Sample Health Check Document, so you can know what to expect.


Technology Solutions Consultants, experts in OnBase Consulting and Support

TSC has a vast amount of experience in the Enterprise Content Management, ECM, industry. One of the criteria for an engineer to work at TSC is a minimum of 10 years of experience in ECM. Each engineer’s resume must have at least 8 years of Hyland OnBase experience as well as at least one other ECM product suite. Due to the experience we offer, other Hyland resellers have partnered with TSC to be their nationwide OnBase services provider.  Our aim has always been to offer a personalized experience for each client that combines our commitment to personal services, our technical expertise, and to be a true value added consultant.  We believe that any software system is only as good as those who support it, so we have invested in making our support the best available for your OnBase system.   


Leverage Your Investment with the Value of OnBase

When you purchased OnBase, you may have had one or two areas in mind to use OnBase.  Or perhaps you were seeking to solve a specific problem that you addressed with OnBase.  As a Merge client, you likely had a very specific use case.  What you may not know is that when you acquired OnBase, you acquired an enterprise platform that can be used in many areas across your enterprise.  Many healthcare customers use OnBase in areas such as patient accounting, human resources, hospital staffing, procurement, patient registration, and legal.  OnBase is often used for Auditing, Quality Management, Clinical Care, Credentialing, and Health Plan enrollment.  If you would like to learn more about how to best use OnBase in your organization, TSC is available and can share some ways to leverage your investment.


Access to Valuable Resources

As an OnBase customer, you have access to many valuable resources for your team to be trained.  TSC can walk you through the Hyland Community Resources such as self-paced training, labs, videos, documentation, and the knowledgebase.  In addition, you have the opportunity to join the Healthcare user group, attend our annual Community Live customer conference and TechQuest where all the technical folks gather a couple of times a year.

Contact us today to see what TSC can do for you!  Info@TSC-ECM.com or call us at 833-872-4968