ShareBase Secure File Sharing

Many processes require your employees to share and collaborate on documents with people inside and outside of your organization. This leads to costly sharing solutions — like maintaining hard-to-manage tools or employees using their own sharing methods that are out of your control. You need a product that becomes your corporate standard, created with the enterprise in mind. It needs to be simple to manage and provide you with complete control. Just as importantly, you need a tool that fits the needs and expectations of each user.

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise file-sharing product that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organization retains ownership and control.

ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise cloud-based file-sharing product, and an ideal extension to your OnBase solution. Allow unlimited sharing of files both inside and outside your organization, while maintaining ownership and control of the entire process at the corporate level. By utilizing the secure, purpose-built Hyland Cloud, ShareBase equips you to share files with confidence, knowing exactly where your information is located and that your data will never be co-mingled with other organizations' data.

Gain control over sharing

With ShareBase, administrators create and manage approved accounts for each deployment, with the ability to manage users from within your identity provider (IdP) product. This ensures your organization retains ownership of any shared information. When users leave your organization or change roles, administrators can easily revoke or transfer rights, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring continuity during personnel transitions. 

Administrators can also restrict sharing by controlling maximum file-sharing permissions and expirations, either for all users or specific user groups. Additionally, they can limit external sharing and create libraries of corporate content over which they have complete control.

Empower your users to share, search and work better

User adoption is essential to setting any corporate standard, and ShareBase is secured for IT but optimized for user experience. ShareBase provides a simple experience to store, search for and share content securely. Users can set permissions per each share of each document; leverage password protection for external shares; and set shared documents to expire. Moreover, users can access content and share from anywhere, using a web browser. Windows users can even access their own content offline from their desktop and subscribe to specific shared content for offline access. Leveraging tagging capabilities and familiar folder structures, users can personally organize owned content for easy retrieval.

ShareBase also improves collaboration. Users can easily edit files directly within the file's native application, with each saved change creating a new document version in ShareBase and giving all users with the appropriate permissions easy access to all document versions alongside each file. With intuitive chat features for commenting, ShareBase tracks related conversations and allows users to subscribe to notifications as they collaborate on content. Email Digest also enables users to receive a summary of most recent notifications via email. Additionally, ShareBase provides an uneditable activity trail leading to improved insight throughout collaboration as well as improved corporate security.

Searching for documents couldn’t be easier in ShareBase. The Search functionality enables users to find documents anywhere in ShareBase—regardless if the document was shared directly with a user, placed in a corporate library, or stored in their files. Users can search for documents by text in a file, file name, tags, file type and creator of the document.

ShareBase is designed enterprise-ready and built to be your corporate sharing standard.

  • Extend your OnBase solution. By interacting with OnBase, ShareBase allows you to share content managed in OnBase with individuals both inside and outside your organization. Using workflow business rules,OnBase automatically adds documents to ShareBase and notifies recipients via emails containing secure links – with options to add password protection and expiration dates. When a business process requires individuals to add new or updated documents, OnBase can automatically create secure folders in ShareBase for documents to be uploaded into. Once in ShareBase, documents are automatically imported and indexed into OnBase.
  • Retain control of your documents. ShareBase uses corporate email addresses to create user accounts, ensuring your organization retains ownership of any shared information. Administrators tightly control who uses the product and determine which users can share externally. When users manually share documents, they can assign rights and permissions at the folder-level all the way down to the individual document-level. When users leave your organization or change roles, rights can easily be revoked or transferred, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring continuity during transitions of personnel. An audit trail allows you to see exactly what content is being shared and accessed and by whom.
  • Share with confidence in the Hyland Cloud. ShareBase is hosted in a cloud specifically designed for content management, utilizing data centers strategically positioned around the globe. Your IT department will chose what region and data center your information will be located and backed up. Your corporate data will never be co-mingled with that of other organizations. Every customer is given unique encryption keys, protecting your information from unauthorized access.