Products for data capture onbase datacap and moreTechnology Solutions Consultants was founded on the principal of providing quality resources to partners and vendor direct customers. The key word in that sentence is quality! We provide project specific resources to help when a specific resource may not be available, only needed for a specific project or to help catch up on a backlog of projects.

TSC provides proven solutions to organizations that are interested in improving their information and resource-intensive business processes through automation.

CAC – Catalog and Crawl

Migrate File Shares to OnBase

Just set it and forget it! The program will monitor a network share and find all potential candidates for safe storage in to OnBase. Often, network shares are used to share and store important business documents. These documents need to be stored securely in OnBase where proper history, versioning and security can be maintained. Some of the documents will follow under corporate or regulatory compliance and need to be classified under the records management polices established. CAC is here to help protect you from an audit where sensitive data can be left unattended. Utilize CAC and OnBase workflow to handle any documents that cannot be automatically identified.

Requires OnBase v 13 or greater, DIP module or API.  Future releases for SharePoint, Laserfiche, FileNet P8, AX

VEOB – Voice Enabling OnBase

Voice based Capture and Retrieval – “Hey OnBase”

Often, we find ourselves on our cell phone. We utilize these devices like we would a full PC or laptop. TSC has combined the power of your cell phone with OnBase. We’ve taken the top features of your cell phone/tablet and combined them with the power of OnBase. Now, you can utilize voice recognition to retrieve documents from OnBase. Plus, take advantage of voice recognition and the devices camera to capture and index pictures wherever you are! Utilize VEOB to capture and/or retrieve your OnBase documents with a cell or tablet.


Direct OneNote integration with OnBase

Direct integration for OneNote into OnBase. Use ObOneNote to extract pages, sections and attachments and store them directly into OnBase. OnOneNote can create a DIP file or integrate directly with the OnBase API. Whether you wish to have a single OneNote file a directory or multiple directories of OneNote files, ObOneNote can take the contents and store them safely into OnBase based on the configuration you define.

Requires Office 365 with OneNote, OnBase v 13 or greater, DIP or API module.  Future releases for SharePoint, Laserfiche, FileNet P8, AX

DC Recon – Data Collection and Reconciliation

Document Chain-of-Custody Application/Reporting Tool

DC Recon allows for the tracking of documents that come in from outside of OnBase, like Kofax, Datacap, ftp, etc…  DC_Recon obtains a unique index(es) and tracks the document into OnBase and then into a LOB application.  DC_Recon tracks inbound documents via ftp, email, traditional capture, remote capture, third party capture, DIP, fax, etc.  Captured documents are placed into a mini workflow that updates the recon database.  Depending on the use case either OnBase will talk to the LOB and then update the recon database or the LOB app can update the database directly. 

The reporting around it and being able to show that no document got left behind are the real benefits to this product.  This is a fantastic Chain of Custody application that can manage multiple input sources while migrating to both an Enterprise repository and LOB application.   Plus, we can assign standard SLA’s around given document types, so we can say if we receive a document it should be through workflow and acknowledged by the LOB by X time.

Requires Datacap and FileNet P8.  Future releases for Kofx and others.

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