OnBase Success Stories

OnBase Scanning – 15 Minute Success Story

A Credit Union had been a long time IBM DB2 Content Manager user. Kofax was the scanning solution used to store documents within the repository. Recently, the Credit Union dropped Content Manager and converted over to OnBase. They are a Hyland direct customer, who loves the product, but were frustrated with the scanning results they were having within Unity.

While on a call with the customer they asked for our opinion around OnBase scanning versus Kofax, IBM Datacap or other market leaders. I asked what problem they were having and why they would consider renewing their hefty Kofax maintenance when they have OnBase. Within a few quick minutes of talking to their EVP, he sent an email off to the OnBase administrator recommending they try using the OnBase Thick client to scan instead of Unity. Long story short, our fifteen-minute phone call resulted in the customer scanning successfully the next day. They had been trying for two months to have a successful day of scanning trying things like increasing the bandwidth between the buildings where the scanners are located and the OnBase servers.

Now the customer is happy and does not think they will have to renew their Kofax maintenance at the end of the year.

“Our certified OnBase API resource left the company, leaving us in a tight spot. We leveraged the team at TSC to help us complete two separate projects. We will now be using them for all of our OnBase API needs.”    Satisfied Partner

Conversion Services

An OnBase partner asked for our help. They had a customer who converted from Laserfische approximately 57 million documents. The reseller had recommended a new approach and used a new vendor to export the documents out of Laserfische. While the third-party vendor was able get the documents out of Laserfische, they were unsuccessful in creating the DIP files needed to import the documents into OnBase.

The partner sensed the customer was getting anxious and after 2 months of working with the third-party vendor they reached out to us to see if we had run into anything like this before. We devised a plan to create a pre-processor to DIP. The preprocessor massaged the exported data and images already exported out, to allow DIP to work as originally designed. It took just two and a half weeks once we were contacted to get all 57 million documents imported into OnBase.

“We were up against some tight deadlines and were not sure how we were going to get all our projects completed on time. Fortunately, I heard about TSC and their ability to help complete an OnBase installation. They fit in so good as a part of our team, we even turned over the workflow development and Guidewire integration to them.”   Satisfied Partner

Datacap Customer Success Stories

The following customer success stories are just a small portion of the example of the solutions we have provided over the years. The stories are all very high level in an effort to provide a general context of the solution provided.


The office of technology for a State government agency needed to provide a scanning solution for all incoming tax documents. We were able to provide a solution to classify documents, minimizing the need to have people perform the sorting. We also built data extraction rules for various tax documents to allow for minimal need of human interaction. The documents are converted into full-text searchable PDF files before ingesting them into FileNet P8.


Another agency need to import PDF files from a proprietary line of business application. Datacap provided the import of the PDF files, converted them to TIFF images, read the barcode and performed a database lookup to extract more metadata properties. The documents were converted to multi-page tiff documents and stored into FileNet where BPM would route the document for review.

“We recently acquired another company. They were an IBM shop with Datacap and FileNet P8 talking to PeopleSoft. We were used to working with Kofax, OnBase and SAP. TSC worked with both sets of resellers and our company to help talk the jargon that our combined company could understand. They came up with a solution that helped us with the conversion process to get all of our content into one system.”    Satisfied Partner


Working with one insurance company we configured Datacap to scan in claim and policy documents. We built rules to extract the claim number or policy number for each document. A custom Datacap action was built to talk to a web service to extract policy or claim metadata. The metadata was assigned to a full-text PDF and stored into FileNet.


A national insurance company needed Datacap to monitor an email inbox. Our solution allowed emails along with their attachments to be automatically imported into a Datacap batch where they were converted into TIFF images for OCR purposes. Datacap actions were created to search all documents for a valid claim number. Documents were then stored in CM8 for retrieval.


Mortgage documents are scanned in from multiple locations. Each location is responsible for indexing their own documents. Datacap was setup to capture the branch scanning the documents, so they could later be responsible for providing any needed index values that were not automatically captured. IBM Content Classification Server was setup to work in conjunction with Datacap to provide as much auto document classification as possible. Multiple custom Datacap actions were created to split or merge documents, create new images from signature fields and to interact the third-party line of business application.


A smaller financial agency needed a scanning solution to store their documents into SharePoint. We provided a self-learning Datacap application that would identify the documents scanned or imported, auto index the documents and then store them into SharePoint.


Medical claims is an application provided as a pre-built solution within the Datacap software. We have provided numerous medical claim solutions to lookup the insured ID and validate the information in the database against the OCR’ed data from the claim. The recognized data was then placed in an EDI format and sent electronically to the adjudication system.



Accounts Payable

The IBM Datacap software also has a pre-built invoice solution. We have provided customized solutions many times to work with SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft and many more ERP applications.

There are two types of invoice solutions. The simple invoice solution that only needs to capture the header information like Vendor name, invoice number, total and terms. The second solution is more complex and involves capturing the line items and matching each line item on the invoice to a PO for validation. We have installed both of these solutions all across North America to help automate the accounts payable department.

Human Resources

A manufacturing company had their employee enrollment forms are sent in via email or fax. Our solution was to have Datacap was setup to monitor an email inbox as well as a RightFax inbox. Each inbox would go through an initial Datacap Gateway application for quick classification. Depending on the document classification, the document was sent to another Datacap application for specific document extraction and integrity rules. All documents were then released to FileNet and Case Manager.