Increase speed and visibility in Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable - ECM ManagementA TSC Accounts Payable Solution will allow you to manage documents that drive AP processes and maximize the benefits achieved by fast, efficient and precise invoice processing. Regardless of how documents are received (fax, mail, e-mail, EDI, etc.), our system captures, organizes and delivers them, along with supporting documentation, to the appropriate individuals for review, coding and approval. 

Users access invoices and supporting content from the applications and devices that are most convenient for them to make informed decisions. For example, employees can retrieve invoices, goods receipts, check images, vendor contracts and even historical correspondence directly from their familiar ERP applications including SAP®, PeopleSoft® and Lawson. Managers then review and approve invoices and input additional data directly from Microsoft Outlook® or a mobile device – whether it’s an iPad, iPhone or Windows or Android device. Real-time dashboards also provide managers with increased visibility into the status of invoice processing, enabling them to identify bottlenecks and adjust workload distribution on the fly. Customizable business rules ensure that invoices are presented to and approved by the right people quickly and easily. Organizations can make real-time changes to those approval processes as their business conditions change. 

With Our Accounts Payable Solutions, organizations take control of their invoice processing while adding value to their existing business applications. And, because Our solutions are both affordable and easy to configure, it’s a financially sustainable solution with an ROI that can be realized almost immediately.