Optimize contract management by streamlining every step of the process

TSC solutions for Contract Management provides you with a single repository to store contracts and providing employees with instant access to the information they need. Once documents are in the system – whether imported from other systems or scanned in – they are much easier to work with throughout the contract lifecycle. Each edit is fully tracked and recorded, providing you with a full history of what was changed, when, and who made the changes. Completed contracts can then route through the right approvals automatically and the appropriate approver can use a digital signature to execute the document. 

With solutions from TSC, organizations can:

  • Securely store contracts while providing easy access to those who need it
  • Securely store contracts while providing easy access to authorized users
  • Increase visibility into the contract process to see current stage, identify bottlenecks and improve processing time 
  • Create dynamic contracts on-demand using a built-in clause library
  • Track changes and versions so that everyone in the collaborative process is working on the correct documents
  • Provide legal personnel with a 360-degree view of contract-related information, tasks, activities and correspondence
  • Automatically route contracts for review, approval and execution – even digital signature
  • Receive automatic notifications of expirations and auto-renewals
  • Support compliance with a full audit trail of all interactions

Our contract management solutions can scale ot support a variety of contract processes such as Non-Disclosure Agreements, Vendor Contracts, Master Service Agreements, Client Purchase Agreements and Employment Agreements.  With this secure managed process in place, have full visibility into the transaction to make better decisions, reduce risk and complete win-win negotiations for you and your counterpart.