ECM Financial ServicesWhile core financial platforms are necessary to do business, they don’t always integrate well with other systems and are limited to handling specific types of documents. That means they can’t manage operational and back office documents, which are extremely important to your everyday business.  Then there are all those manual, paper-based inefficiencies in every department of the firm that cost you time and money.

The Pain:

  • The inability to locate information quickly and easily
  • Printing and storage costs
  • Time and effort to comply with regulations and prepare for audits

Put simply, you need to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. You need a solution that can help at the departmental level, yet has the ability to easily scale across the company. That solution needs to have the ability to integrate with any new technologies you invest in, because there’s nothing worse than buying technology that you outgrow.

The Solution:

You can solve every one of these issues by electronically storing all of your documents in one location, and making them available instantly.  The experts at TSC have solutions that can effortlessly integrate with core financial systems – without custom coding – and provide quick access to your documents.

The Payoff:


Access documents from most any core financial platform Decrease operational expenses

  • Enable straight-through processing
  • Increase efficiencies and profit margin

Improve processes across the entire company with TSC solutions:

  • Work in a single department or span the entire enterprise
  • Automate and accelerate business processes
  • Provide the ability to work with all the different types of documents you deal with each day
  • Increase customer service by making information immediately available
  • Save money on document storing and printing costs

With TSC solutions your compliance efforts can be streamlined. Our solutions help your processes remain compliant by providing automated document retention and records management, audit trails, visibility into processes, and dashboard views into the life cycles of documents. This greatly decreases error and preparation time for audits as well as removes the burden of compliance from employees.Get more information out of existing business applications. Reduce wasteful, redundant tasks. TSC makes Content Management easy, so you have the time to do what you do best.  Let the experts at TSC show you how.