For today's manufacturers, document and record control produces endless files that are hard to find for referencing, business process routing, change orders, and audit preparation.  

Effectively managing total costs of quality are challenging enough for manufacturers without the bottlenecks that occur with physical paper processes as part of your system.  With all the records and documents from product realization to preparing and executing internal/external audits, your quality department can easily become buried in paperwork and manual processes. 

TSC has content and process management solutions that help manufacturers to:

  • Reduce poor costs of quality
  • Streamline business processes
  • Prevent information silos and duplication
  • Exceed quality and safety regulations
  • Improve customer service
  • Nearly eliminate document filing and storage costs

An Enterprise Content Management solution will also support your ISO Certification initiatives. We can show you solutions that enable manufacturers to meet the needs of each department – including Accounting and Finance, Human Resources and Legal – with an easily supported application, letting them start with a single department or solution and expand as time, goals, and budget permit.

TSC makes content management easy, so you have the time to do you what you do best.  Let our experts show you how.