Accounts Receivable Management SoftwareIn AR departments today, order and payment documentation can be faxed, mailed and electronically delivered according to your customer’s preference. All the varied terms are difficult to track. Employees who need to support customer relationships, provide credit terms, and ensure timely payment end up spending too much time trying to locate all the necessary documents.  

As a result, organizations are at risk of insufficient response to changing conditions:

  • Excessive time for dispute resolution
  • Uncertain assessment of true demand
  • Loosely established/enforced credit policies

TSC’s solutions for AR departments can clear the clutter from your processes, eliminate wasted time and improve DSO, helping you to see clearly where you stand.

The first step is to centralize your supporting documents, regardless of how they are delivered. We can image your documents so that AR packets – including the invoice, sales order, proof-of-delivery, shipping confirmation, etc. are available for instant access to your AR Customer Service staff. TSC’s imaging software automatically separates A/R packets, automatically indexes key fields for searching (Invoice Number, Customer Name, Customer Number, Invoice Date,etc.) and automatically files packets into their appropriate virtual customer folder.  As a result, employee tasks are simplified and no more wasted time looking for critical payment information.

Next, we can show you how to improve the controls in ‘order-to-cash’ processes. Audit trails, real-time reporting and executive dashboards provide decision-makers critical and measurable clarity. If DSO doesn’t match payment terms, your organization can adjust based upon true demand, before it is too late to recover.

The Outcome:

  • Accelerate cash flow cycles
  • Lower DSO and improve customer service
  • Reduce risk of misapplied cash
  • Easily identify and record discounts, deductions

Get more information out of existing business applications. Reduce, even eliminate wasteful, redundant tasks. TSC can show you how to make Content Management easy, so you have the time to do what you do best.