Work from Anywhere, Anytime with Cloud Efficiencies

Cloud technology is here to stay and organizations of all sizes are moving to it!  In it's infancy, many smaller organizations would choose a cloud solution as a low cost start up compared to a more pricey premised based software solution, however many organizations are now seeing the benefits of moving enterprise systems into the cloud.  At TSC, we offer a full suite of Enterprise Content Management solutions in the cloud.  With Content Services, you are enabled to deploy the functionality you need in a full cloud or hybrid environment. 

TSC has advocated the Cloud platform for many years and is a firm believer in the benefits to be realized by all organizations.  Whether your goals are to reduce costs, enhance security, or increase efficiency for your team, we can guide you on your journey to the Cloud.  

The ECM Cloud has many benefits including:

  • Our Scription Pricing model provides a low start-up cost from traditional software application deployments
  • Quick deployment across your organization, regardless of locations, compared to traditional softwaree application implementations
  • Eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure in-house such as dedicated application servers, database servers, system back-up servers and hundreds of hours of support by your IT staff.
  • Recieve timely software updates without increasing the burden on your IT team.  We handle all upgrades, patches and fixes remotely with minimum downtime, if any. 

Cloud Document Management is no different than traditional Electronic Document Management other than it is delivered through our Cloud Application rather than from a local server.  With Cloud Document Management, you can manage all content from your personal computer or your mobile devices.  Scan, store, retrieve, cross reference, perform workflow automation tasks, import email and many other functions to make your organization efficient, while providing a secure and intiuitive document management system. 

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