Often, the critical work of government is hampered by low-value tasks like filing, photocopying, and printing multiple copies of the same document. These manual processes were designed at a time of better budgets and staffing levels that simply aren’t sustainable anymore. 

TSC has solutions that can significantly reduce the tedious tasks surrounding paper storage and processes. Your staff will no longer need to spend valuable time searching for documents or trying to understand where a document is located during a particular process. Additionally, when we show you how to eliminate paper-based processes, the transparency of these processes will be enhanced. 

TSC Government solutions can benefit many areas, including:                      

  • Administration and Finance
  • Agenda Management
  • Case Management
  • Court Records
  • GIS Mapping and Public Works
  • Permitting
  • Public Records Requests  

Proven, affordable and phased solutions

TSC can guide you to start small, build in phases and adapt solutions to the changing needs of your organization. Our government customers can have the option to ramp up to improve processes that reduce dependence on physical paper and manual redundant tasks.  Then as your team understands enterprise content management and sees how it can transform their processes, we can begin to roll out to other departments, automate processes, eliminate tasks and extend your solution to the whole enterprise.  Government clients can integrate their documents to their data using one of our integration tools and they will never need to spend time searching for a missing document again. 

As the paper is eliminated, the printing goes down, the photocopying becomes unnecessary, processes are automated, and then the cost of government operations drops, freeing up more staff time for important tasks like constituent service.

With TSC solutions, your organization can have an affordable enterprise content management system that meets:

  • your budget needs
  • your goal of an improved, transparent government entity
  • your requirements for a quick return on investment

TSC makes Enterprise Content Management easier, on-site or in the Cloud, so you have the time and budget to do what you do best – taking care of your constituents.  Come and see!