Providing Capture Solutions For Over 22 Years

Data Capture SolutionsCapture experience like no other – TSC has over 20 years of advanced capture knowledge. Most any ECM reseller can take on simple forms capture. What makes TSC unique is the vast knowledge of all the top capture platforms from various companies. We know each products strength and weakness. We can help replace an existing capture application with an OnBase module like Brainware or we can provide support for your client with their existing product, so you are truly their one stop place to shop.


“TSC is the partner to all OnBase partners!  We are not competition as we do not sell OnBase software or offer services direct to customers.  We act as subcontractors to OnBase partners and appear to the customer as an extension of their organization. We have built a very successful business around this business model.”      Jack Roberts – Founder


Capture Solutions

TSC provides proven solutions to organizations that are interested in improving their information and resource-intensive business processes through automation.

TSC has proven solutions and resources to help organizations automate information-centric processes, and as a result, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our solutions are one of the few areas of technology that can deliver a hard financial return on investment. Bottom line is, when an organization automates a manual process in many cases they are able reduce or reallocate headcount.

As a solution provider for the leading collaborative information and business process automation manufacturers, TSC augments a company’s resources to allow for a faster and reliable content services solution.

We Help Solve Capture Problems For End Users

  • Have an enterprise capture solution but are still doing too much data entry?
  • Can’t keep up with your inbound paper and electronic documents?
  • Only getting the benefit of forms processing and automation in one department?
  • Need to migrate enterprise capture solution?
  • Keeping your old capture solution but replacing your repository?
  • Capture solution not interfacing with your LOB application?

We Help Solve Capture Problems For Our Partners

  • Your customer is not realizing the benefit of their enterprise capture solution?
  • Customer’s capture solution is drowning?
  • Customer requires their capture solution rolled out enterprise wide?
  • Your customer needs you to migrate their capture environment?
  • Customer has upgraded their ERP or LOB business application and needs capture integration?


Four core competencies form the foundation for all of our solutions:

Approach: Our independent consultative approach recognizes that each organization is unique. We put our customers first and are committed to going the extra mile to meet and exceed their expectations. Years of experience in providing automated solutions across all markets allows us to help educate you on what other companies have done in similar situations.

Technical Expertise: We leverage unsurpassed technical proficiencies, well-established vendor partnerships, and systems integration experience to deliver more robust, stable solutions.

Methodology: We follow a proven Six Sigma methodology to deliver the highest possible business performance, with maximum reliability and value to our customers.

Software and Hardware: We maintain the diverse manufacturing relationships required to deliver a comprehensive suite of hardware and software components. Because we are not tied to any single manufacturer, our certified engineers have the flexibility and expertise to configure solutions that are tailored to each agency’s individual needs.

IBM Datacap Analytics KOFAX Parascript Integrations

“We were up against some tight deadlines and were not sure how we were going to get all our projects completed on time. Fortunately, I heard about TSC and their ability to help complete an OnBase installation. They fit in so good as a part of our team, we even turned over the workflow development and Guidewire integration to them.”

Satisfied Partner