Are you ready to transform your organization by optimizing process efficiency?  Regardless of the type of business you are in, applying technology to manual processes can vastly impact your employee experience.  Most organizations work with a variety of information in different formats such as email, PDFs, paper files, Microsoft Office documents, rolled drawings, microfilm, various data files and so on.  The nature of basic tasks requires much time to search multiple programs, multiple locations, perhaps files are off-site, possibly archived electronically.  Some information might be contained as multiple versions or multiple formats.  All of these variables act as obstacles to employee efficiency and can often be frustrating.  Investing in the right technology can increase customer retention as well as employee retention.  With an ECM program, many of the frustrating manual processes can be eliminated!  

So how would an Enterprise Content System specifically help my organization? 

Here are just a few ways it could help:

  • Save Time with Search functionality will make it easier to find the information you need now for the task at hand!
  • Reduce Risk by Cross referencing information so that you have a complete view into your transaction or case!
  • Pass Audits by having a complete record in one file composed of any file type such as PDFs, Word docs, email, etc.
  • Protect your organization by Securing your value information so that only authorized viewers have access!
  • Collaborate with quick, informed decisions by Sharing information within seconds with multiple locations
  • Allow those traveling to stay connected through mobile access to records
  • Increase Efficiencies by Automating processes with rules based workflow to ensure critical processes are not delayed!
  • Improve Customer Service by having access to the right information quickly to meet customer expectations!

At TSC, we understand the dynamics of working in these types of environments and we can help you develop a plan to manage all of this information to make critical business decisions.  Whether it is invoices that need to be paid, managing employee files from onboarding to separation, aggregating data for reporting, pulling relevant emails to be part of a record for a contract, or sharing documents with remote locations, we will help you develop the plan that fits your needs.  

Allow us to show you how applying technology around your business records can lower operating cost, improve customer service, provide a helping hand to your employees, and many other benefits to be realized.  Contact us today